Mark Bolitho Services

Origami Commissions, Services, and Installations

As an origami artist I deliver origami commissions. These can take many forms, from advertising and marketing projects, to origami installation pieces. Examples of the type of projects I have worked on include:

    Origami Design Case Studies

  • For a list of recent projects click here Recent Projects: <Casestudies>

      Origami Commissions

    • Specifically commissioned Origami model making to create paper folded images for use in advertising and marketing projects.
    • Creation of large scale origami commissions for installations and displays.
    • Origami folded Marketing material design and production.
    • Bespoke Origami commissions.
    • Origami Installations

    • On site origami installations for offices and public spaces.
    • Some of the origami installations I have worked on can be found here:
    • Origami for Events

    • Unique commissioned origami for events and conferences.
    • Origami table centres.
    • interactive origami demonstrations, large scale origami displays.
    • Expert Origami Consulting

    • Origami lectures and workshops.
    • Innovative origami design solutions for use in product development and design.
    • Development of Origami themed products.
    • Origami for Films and Media

    • Media experience in television, radio, film, and theatre.
    • Origami Artist

    • Bespoke Origami commissions.
    • Origami Exhibitions.