HP Origami Printable

In June 2013 the Creaselightning Origami printable was launched and since then has provided a weekly Origami project to HP users. Accessed directly through HP printers users can “print now” for the current project or subscribe to a weekly project.

The projects comprise of two pages. The first shows concise step by step instructions to make the model. The second a patterned square that can be cut out to make the project. The patterned sheet also includes crease lines, showing where the folds should be made to complete the project.

Since January 2015 each project has been supported by a video on the Creaselightning You Tube channel that shows the step by step process described in the printed sheet. The video instructions can be accessed from the printed sheets through a scanable QR Link reader code.

HP Pages description

The weekly projects are available as “Print Now”, which prints the current project. Alternatively you can subscribe to receive a new project every week.

Subscribers are invited to submit images of their completed models to the Creaselighting Facebook page.

More Information: https://h30495.www3.hp.com/detail/1337.2/

This service is currently only available to Hewlett Packard customers and can be accessed either through HP accounts or directly from HP wireless printers.