Origami is the art of paper folding. Although considered a traditional Japanese art form the evolution of origami is contemporary with many developments taking place over the last 50 years. This renaissance has been driven by origami artists, not just from Japan, but through international collaboration. Modern origami is emerging as an art form representing fusion of design, technical application, mathematics, and artistry.

Based near London, I have been involved with origami for almost 35 years and have worked on many projects involving origami and paper folding. About twelve years I started working as an Origami Artist. This web site also showcases some of my work from personal projects to bespoke origami commissions.

The origami commissions I have undertaken as an Origami Artist have involved many advertising and design projects, for companies including BBC TV, Channel 4, Channel 5 News, Canon, Telegraph newspapers, Sony, Pearson, The BBC, and the National lottery. Although most of my work supports the London design community I have also worked on projects around the world, including, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, France, Sweden, Singapore, Serbia, and Dubai